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Shenzhen Macase Technology Co., Ltd., industrial computer hardware manufacturer, 19-inch rack-mount industrial chassis manufacturer, providing efficient and fast OEM/ODM customization solutions
       Shenzhen Macase Technology Co., Ltd., or Macase, was founded in 2004 and is an emerging leader in the field of industrial control chassis manufacturing in China.
       Focus on providing industrial control chassis and customized integrated solutions, including 1U/2U/3U/4U industrial control chassis, widely used in industrial automation, communication, power, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, healthcare, self-service terminals, data Storage, digital signage, on-board computers, 3C applications and many other areas.
       As a well-known industrial control chassis manufacturing and technology leader, Macase has always adhered to the design concept of excellent quality, meticulous, pursuit of excellence and value for performance in the development and manufacture of each industrial control chassis. Thanks to the continuous efforts, technical accumulation and close cooperation of all colleagues, our R&D team has developed a series of products with independent patents, and has also become a partner of many companies.
In order to allow more customers to enjoy Macase professional, high-tech content, practical industrial control chassis and advanced technology, Macase has set up a customer experience center in Huaqiang North, Futian core business district, Shenzhen, China, to show cutting-edge technologies, products and applications to domestic and foreign companies. Customers also improve the quality and efficiency of after-sales service.
        The industrial control chassis is undergoing an unprecedented change, and while more and more application customers are gradually shifting their procurement targets from standardized hardware equipment procurement to focusing on personalized customization with application requirements, Macase Technology is relying on industrial control. With more than 10 years of accumulated experience in the field of chassis, we are fully committed to OEM/ODM services, and strive to use our professional hardware manufacturing technology and process to create the most suitable dedicated computer hardware platform for customers in different industries, thus reducing customer development and application costs. Assist companies to increase product added value and market competitiveness.
       In the future, Macase will continue to adhere to the craftsmanship of “finely crafted and refined”. From design to structural materials, from product development to manufacturing, the best quality materials are used. To ensure that each product is of high quality, use quality to shape the brand reputation. Create every detail with heart, and create a new chapter in the field of industrial control chassis with new technology and service!
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