Macase industrial control sharing: 1U chassis common sense
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Macase industrial control sharing: 1U chassis common sense
1U chassis common sense
Macase Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in industrial control chassis and server chassis. Today, the company shares the common knowledge of 1U chassis.
The scale unit of the industrial control cabinet is U. The general one is like a 1U chassis, a 2U chassis, a 3U chassis, a 4U chassis, a 5U chassis, and a 6U chassis.
Industrial control cabinets are generally used in environments where the premise is poor.
1U chassis common sense
It's like a lot of noise and dust. The main board department is divided into two parts, the form of the bottom plate + cpu card. The strengths of the industrial control cabinet: resistance to extrusion, erosion, dust, vibration and radiation.
Mainly used in occasions where the environment is harsh. For example: power plants, chemical plants, mining plants, underground homework and other industrial sites.
Industrial control chassis is generally used for limp, radio, television, server, data storage, industrial control, CTI systems, DVR systems and so on.
Its strength is to facilitate heat dissipation and good scalability.
1U chassis common sense
Industrial control chassis material: The main body of the chassis is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles. The aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, mechanical (average by force), and easy processing of aluminum alloy and high heat dissipation.
In particular, the vehicle engine department is particularly suitable for use with aluminum alloy materials. As for most of the computer case, aluminum-copper alloy is used.
Mainly to consider the issue of heat dissipation. Since the copper and aluminum are mixed and manufactured, the heat dissipation function is relatively good, and even some high-end CPU water-cooling fans use this material.
If it is military, the first choice is to ensure the firmness. Aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper superhard aluminum alloy is the first choice.
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